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2020 NBA Betting Guide: Here’s Why The Celtics Can Win This Year’s NBA Title

21 September 2020

2020 NBA Betting Guide: Here’s Why The Celtics Can Win This Year’s NBA Title

Garnering seventeen NBA Championship titles since the start of the league, the Boston Celtics has nailed a legacy in America’s third wealthiest professional sports tournament. Headed by Brad Stevens, the Celtics had a good chance of winning it all in this year’s NBA season despite the screeching halt caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

During the pre-season, the Celtics made several adjustments in their roster and their game plan. As they entered the regular season, the team got a nice momentum and started a winning streak in the First Rounds. Although the Celtics didn’t have the best man to tap like other teams, their consistent and solid lineup can help them win. 

In the Conference Semifinals, Tatum and Brown proved to be the team’s best scorers, successfully dispatching the current NBA champs, the Raptors. Today, they’re facing the Miami Heat in the Conference Finals. Can the Celtics manage to burn the Heat and win all the way? Let’s see how their odds and lines in FanDuel NBA picks and parlays look like today. 

The Celtics Are Up For Big And Small Plays 

The Golden State Warriors were once known to have players that are part of “Lineup of Death.” Today, the Celtics have lived-up to that promise and now have the same mantra to showcase their complete dominance in today’s NBA season. It was their key to leaving the Raptors to a huge disappointment, dethroning them in the Semis without mercy. 

The Celtics’ five main men include Daniel Theis, Gordon Hayward, Jayson Tatum, Kemba Walker, and Jaylen Brown. These talents are versatile, where they can make huge and small plays inside the court. If these five players continue to showcase a variety of plays during the Conference Finals, they can turn down the heat and earn a spot in the finals. 

Kemba Walker Is A Fourth-Quarter Superhero 

Back in the days where he studied at UCONN, Kemba Walker was already known as an excellent clutch player. Although he lacks the size and built as the starting point guard for the Celtics, it doesn’t mean that Walker is an undervalued player. Before the NBA season got frozen, he generated an impressive field goal percentage in the last quarter

Although he’s not a player you’ll think will work well during the start of the match, his efficient delivery late-game points are topnotch. If you think that the Celtics start the match in low points, you have to expect that Walker is there to save the group and hustle hard to score fast in the last quarter. 

Celtics Have The Multiple Talented Wing Players 

One of the challenges that most NBA teams face each year is the lack of wing talents for the whole league. However, the Celtics had no problem with that as they could secure a plethora of wing players that can generate huge points. They have done this in the playoffs and in the First Rounds. 

One of Celtic’s best wing players is Jayson Tatum. His ability to carve out three points in the most crucial moment is impressive. Moreover, Brown and Hayward can generate scoring percentages that no other NBA player can do. These three will surely work their best out in the Conference Finals to win the title this year. 

Celtics Have Superior Depth 

The NBA teams also need a  good player rotation to ensure that starters don’t get tired throughout the game. The Celtics also leveraged this game plan, and the team has so much talent as game-changers. They have a superior depth in picking a player off the bench, which is a huge plus for them this season. 

One of the Celtics’ depth players is Marcus Smart. Realistically, Smart can only play an average of 20-minutes inside the court, but his defensive skills are at sterling point. Meanwhile, Enes Kanter is a big-time scorer who can surely be a nightmare to their rival team when he plays for a match. 

Brad Stevens Is A Genius Coach 

One of the biggest responsibilities of an NBA coach is to put players in the best position possible. Brad Stevens has become one of the best tactical coaches in NBA history. He made sure that his current players are efficient in their position and deploying them in the best manner possible. 

As they vie for the Conference Semifinals rounds against the Heat, Stevens is on his way to making the most effective game plan. Although they lost in the first game, the Celtics are bound to take revenge to win the most matches in their best of seven-game series.


After not appearing in the Divisional Rounds for the past two years, the Boston Celtics is now back in the NBA spotlight, taking a step closer to the title. They even dominated the Semis and downcasted the Raptors without mercy. Hence, with the team’s toughest first five players, trustworthy wing talents, and skillful head coach, they’re not turning away from the 2020 NBA title.