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An Easy-To-Use Guide to Bet on Stocks

23 June 2021

An Easy-To-Use Guide to Bet on Stocks

Are you eager to bet on stocks but think that it’s way over your league? Fear not; the stock market is not so complicated to master! Check the Easy-to-read guide to start your stock betting journey. 

Betting on Stocks

Stocks are a great option to bet on. The best part is that there is a way to bet without learning a lot of complicated trading stuff. 

Imagine dealing with a lot of paperwork and worrying about compliance to play a game; not the right kind of “fun,” is it? 

Therefore, fantasy stock is an excellent alternative to trading. 

So let us dive right in to find out what fantasy stocks are. Additionally, you will also learn about how you can have hours of entertainment while making the most of investment opportunities. 

What are Fantasy Stocks?

Fantasy stocks are games offering you the thrills of both competing in sports and the stock market’s ups and downs. The mechanics work on the same principles of fantasy sports, where you can assemble virtual teams based on real-world athletes. However, in fantasy stocks, you create and manage virtual stock portfolios based on real-world companies’ stocks.  

Fantasy Stocks Vs. Trading

Here is a quick comparison of why fantasy stocks are better than traditional stock trading. 

Fantasy Stocks Trading
  • Games with opportunities to earn money and multiply your investments 
  • Lower risks
  • Virtual stock trading using real-time data
  • No prior experience needed
  • Lots of learning resources for beginners
  • You can have a real-time stock market experience from wherever you are. 
  • You can start with little to no investments. This ensures that you do not lose your hard-earned dollars. (especially if you are a novice)
  • This is serious business, and it can make you or break you 
  • High stakes as you deal with real money
  • You need extensive stock market experience to how to forecast the stock trends
  • It is a dry sector as all you do is stare at the computer screen all day long to bet on potential stocks. 
  • You will need to create accounts with an online stock trading platform, fill in a lot of paperwork and connect your bank accounts to make it work. (and it’s no fun!)


So, Fantasy Stocks is an excellent alternative stock trading channel where you can learn, invest while having fun. Now the question arises where can you indulge in top-notch fantasy stocks gameplay? And that brings us to our next section. 

Platforms You Can Use for Financial Betting on Stocks

There are various online platforms that you can use to bet on fantasy stocks. 

Placing Financial bets on Gambling Websites

There are numerous ways for you to bet on stocks on financial gambling websites. These websites allow you to taste what it is like to bet in the real stock market. In addition, there are various websites such as BetOnFinance and EveryMatrix platform with financial games based on fantasy stocks and fantasy sports. 

Similarly, StockBattle is another platform that combines the thrills of betting with the stock market’s ups and downs. This game is for people with at least a little prior knowledge of the market. You can choose from a wide range of short games to satisfy your craving for investing in stocks. 

You will also get to check your level of competence as StockBattle is a game of skills. You can start with a quick 5 minutes game. However, this is no gambling, and you will get a chance to win cash rewards for creating a well-researched stock portfolio at the end of each gameplay. 

Just like fantasy sports, you can follow companies you believe in. Furthermore, you can play this fantasy stocks game worldwide. The only limitations are the stock market hours; however, this limitation is not an issue if you deal in cryptocurrencies. 

StockBattle is a new game-changer in the stock betting arena. You can indulge in this real-time stock market interplay using NASDAQ’s or The London Stock Exchange live data. You can create a virtual stock portfolio without owning any real shares. 

Things to Remember

As you indulge in stock betting online, you will realize that it is similar to betting on horses. You have to accurately guess, anticipate, predict or discover which stocks will go high or drop. 

Additionally, you need to understand that betting on stocks is just like live sports betting season. The more traders choose to bet on a single event’s outcome, the lower the odds. So, to improve your online betting experience, always bet live while the stock market is open.

Earn and have fun with Betting on Stocks

Betting on stocks online is a pure game of skills where you use your knowledge and experience about the market to anticipate stock prices’ direction. Online betting games are the easiest way to earn money while having fun. 

The main advantage of playing games on platforms such as StockBattle is that you can profit from stock move rather than making small investments. However, if you are serious about financial betting while playing for money and entertainment simultaneously, you must learn the essential details about the stock market.

The TakeAway

You can use various trustworthy gaming websites offering a wide array of fantasy stocks to players. You may want to start with a platform that is not a gambling one but offers you a chance to win something in return.