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Difference Between American, Russian and French Roulette Explained

25 November 2019

Difference Between American, Russian and French Roulette Explained

There is no doubt about the fact that casinos are becoming the centre for recuperation after arduous weekly tasks, and a great platform for people to not just spend their resources on, but do so with stable returns, and in some cases, great profits. Be it for people who spend time on Blackjack in Sin City, or invest in bookmaking across Reims, or play Premium French Roulette in the UK, each has their own poison (or elixir?) in their own right. In this regard, a special “flagship” product of the casino world happens to be the evergreen roulette. For the uninitiated, one might have heard of the common Russian Roulette, but for the ardent “casino connoisseur”, there are more varieties and extents of roulettes—French, American, and of course, Russian. 

Here are some basic differences between the aforementioned types. 

Russian Roulette

Possibly the most favoured pattern of the roulette, the European Roulette was made famous by a Russian gentleman, hence it might be attributed to his nationality as well. The wheel concerning the game contains 37 pockets that are found in the RGB- red, green, and black, whereas the numbers in this game are found to lie anywhere between to 36. The participants are required to acquire a chip in order to play the game. Due to the lack of a multitude of colours, the game tends to become more exciting, unlike, say, a slot machine game. 

Due to the lower house edge attribute, the participants have a possibility of winning more often than in most other casino counterparts. The players are required to scout for a particular “zero slot” on the aforementioned wheel. The individuals concerned with the casino slots are brought into a position of power by means of the green coloured slots, these individuals being otherwise referred to as dealers. The power of this particular slot lies in the idea that if the table is bereft of it, there will be negligible earnings possessed at the table. A multitude of bets are available by means of which the participants can invest, win or in worst cases, lose accordingly.

The odds of winning for a European wheel are 1 in 37 (because there are 37 pockets, whereas the pay-out for wins is 35 to 1 (you get paid 35 PLUS your original bet), thereby making it one of the most feasible games or versions of the roulette. 

American Roulette

Possibly one of the most ubiquitous versions of the roulette when the online world of casinos is taken into consideration, the American Roulette brings its own version of spice and entertainment to the table (pun intended). Whilst the other version possesses 37 pocket spaces, the American version has 38 instead (America is a world in itself, is it not?), and the wheel colourations are similar to that of the above-mentioned type, for there is a similar selection of the RGB. 

The aforementioned wheel has a wide range of numbers too, ranging from 00 up to 36. The most striking attribute of American Roulette lies in the 00 factor, for it exponentially increases the value of the house in this western variant of the Roulette. Additionally, the American Roulette is also known to have two green slots unlike the aforementioned one, where one of them is attributed as zero whilst the other slot is an unorthodox double zero. and this is particularly handy in increasing the value of the house, making it rather less desired by players, to add to the fact that it does not pose returns as great as its counterparts. 

However, this does not change the fact that American Roulette is one of the most sought-after versions of roulette if the online world is taken into consideration, and probably one of the easiest to master and learn, if one is fairly aware of certain betting terminologies. 

French Roulette

As well connected as Europe and Eurasia, the French Roulette is a ramification of the other European counterparts in certain ways, except for the fact that the pocket spaces in the game are smeared with the colour red, and whatever little measure of language is prevalent in the game, and especially on the table, is written in French. 

Unlike its American counterpart, the French Roulette is played with a zero that has a single-digit instead of two, and the wheel is eerily similar to its European counterparts, leading many to believe that this is possibly European Roulette—but quite obviously, there are minor differences. The value of the house in this version of the Roulette is lowered by a minuscule amount, thereby making it ideal for beginners to try their venture into the world of casino through initial steps of French Roulette.

In Conclusion 

Despite little discrepancy in characteristics and features, there is no doubt about the fact that roulette is a game that is enjoyed by one and all, irrespective of how proficient one is with the intricacies and whereabouts of the game itself. It is to be kept in mind, though, that no matter the type of roulette, or casino game for that matter, one has to find the root reason for playing as enjoyment and a learning experience, as a means of respite from daily chores and pressures.