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Do Online Bingo Strategies Work?

18 August 2020

Do Online Bingo Strategies Work?

When playing online bingo, some people have a number of strategies that they apply to the game as they believe that this makes a difference to the outcome, however, the mechanics of bingo are completely random, as governed by the use of a random number generator (RNG). We are going to explore some of the strategies that players use and how effective they are.

Choose the right time of the day to play

When you have been playing online bingo for a while, what you will notice is that when you play at certain times, there are fewer players who are playing the game, despite the fact that online bingo has grown considerably in popularity. So for example, if you play later on an evening, or during the afternoon this could be ideal because it effectively increases your chances of winning. While this is not a guaranteed strategy, it is one that savvier players do.

Buy more tickets

The more bingo tickets that you buy essentially increases your chances of winning because there you are hedging your bets against the possibility of one card not having as many numbers on it that are called out. Furthermore, it might mean that you win more prizes because some bingo sites offer a prize for getting one and two lines. Effectively you could get three lines on two cards and still come out ahead if the numbers go your way. At you can find some of the best bingo sites where you can buy multiple tickets.

The Granville Bingo Strategy

This is based on a famous mathematician called Joseph E. Granville who came up with a theory involving how the numbers on the cards were distributed. There are three indicators to check on bingo cards which might give you a clue as to whether you might be in with a chance of winning.

  • Having an equal amount of high and low numbers
  • Having the same amount of even and odd numbers
  • Having an equal quantity of numbers that finish with 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9

The Tippett Bingo Strategy

This is centered around the British statistician Leonard Henry Caleb Tippett who, after a lot of analysis came up with a theory that can be applied to bingo. It was theorised that the longer a game of 90 ball bingo is, the more likely it is that the numbers drawn would be closer to the median number of 45. The shorter that a game of bingo is then the more likely the numbers drawn will be closer to 1 and 90.

How likely is it that any of these work?

There is no doubt that players will have won games of bingo by applying these strategies, however, due to the nature of gambling, it means that there are no guarantees. Gambling is mainly based on luck rather than skill, though using these strategies can certainly increase your chances of winning.