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English Premier League Winner 2021/22 Betting Odds

02 November 2021

English Premier League Winner 2021/22 Betting Odds

The English Premier League for the year 2021-22 is going on in all its glory, and fans cannot keep their hands to themselves. The League began on the thirteenth of August, 2021 and is set to conclude on the twenty second of May, 2022. In such a case, when matches continue in full swing, fans and punters usually stay pretty busy. The official website of the Premier League have also come up with live fixtures of all the 380 matches that are about to be played over the span of several months. According to the website, kickoffs usually begin from 15:00 on every Saturday as well as the bank holidays, until and unless the website or the authorities state otherwise. The fixtures might change, and it also depends on the clubs’ performances in the UEFA in the preceding midweek. 

Such a situation means that betting websites such as Vwin99, a top Vietnamese sportsbook will be busy updating all the charts and odds. Thus, we will be checking out the popular odds that most people are banking on during the English Premier League. These odds are as stated below

EPL Odds 2021-22

As per the rules, Manchester City entered as a favourite since the club won the English Premier League last season and hence, it entered at -150. There are other favourite clubs, namely Manchester United, Liverpool, as well as Chelsea. Chelsea has done a recommendable job in improving its position after the joining of their latest manager, Thomas Tuchel. The Tottenham club has pinned all its hopes on Nuno Espirito Santo. 

On the other hand, Everton’s manager has transferred to Real Madrid. However, they have brought in Rafael Benitez on the 30th of June this year. 

There are a number of maiden clubs such as Watford, Brentford as well as Norwich City. Surprisingly, these clubs hold a really good amount of odds which predict that they might conclude the season with way higher points than any other club. Newcastle United is not yet a promoted club, yet it stands at par with the former three clubs. 

Deciphering EPL Odds

In order to figure out the amount of money you are supposed to win, all you need to do is multiply the odds by the amount of money that you are wagering. For example, if Chelsea is supposed to win the league, then Chelsea will be listed as a 5/1 choice. This merely means that the club has a chance of winning five out of six games played. Hence, if you as an individual are betting a hundred dollars on Arsenal, then you might end up winning six hundred dollars (wagered amount plus your winnings). 

On the contrary, in case you place your bets on Manchester City, which has a rating of -150, then there are chances that you might end up wagering one-fifty dollars in order to gain a hundred dollars. However, in case Manchester City ends up winning the league, then the amount totals to two hundred fifty dollars ($100 profit+$150 stake). 

Now, these ratings are usually given on the website that you are going to base your odds on. The wagers are usually done at par with the rating that is given on the website. The clubs are rated in this way keeping their past performances, and their player-reviews in mind. 

Betting On the EPL 2021-22

There are three simple steps that are involved in getting started with the betting process, they are:

  • Make an account: You need to create an account on any betting website (if you don’t already have one). A lot of these websites usually have enhanced odds that are specially made for people who are new to the website. However, it is imperative to read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly before placing any bet. 
  • Select matches: The EPL is a source of worldwide entertainment, and thus is it completely natural for all betting websites to be full of cheat codes and shortcuts to the match-lists. A lot of matches are assigned a certain moneyline odd, which goes live 72 hours prior to the match. This is coupled with categories of market ranges such as half/full time, goals, handicaps, player markets and so on.
  • Place a bet: You need to select a category of bet and wager on it. A ‘single bet’ is something that occurs during a live match, based on the teams’ performances. Other bets that can be ‘grouped’ or ‘accumulated’. For instance, if a gambler bets on three good clubs to win in one week, and their odds are multiplied to make a price. If all the three teams win their matches, it’s a winning bet. 

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has proven itself useful in educating you about the basics of EPL odds and how to place odds in such a situation. However, it is crucial to know about the drawbacks of sports betting. It is also extremely important to stay sane and sober while placing bets.