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Top 3 Tips For Sports Betting

23 April 2019

Top 3 Tips For Sports Betting

Gambling is a risky endeavour. You’re wagering money on something hoping that your prediction comes true. The risk element is especially magnified when it comes to sports betting. The tensions are high, the games are often closely matched, and quite often – absolutely unexpected results come out. Sports betting can be a neat little way to make some extra cash, and it can make watching sports events that much more exciting.  

But how do you stack the odds in your favour? Sports betting is an industry with many decades of experience and the providers in it know all the tricks inside and out. But can you still manage to get around them? Let’s discuss some of the best betting tips for making the most out of your money when it comes to sports gambling:

Become knowledgeable about your sport of choice

If you’re glossing over sports statistics on a surface level, you might miss a bunch of extremely important details. A team you’re about to bet on might have won their last 5 matchups, but do you know if it’s due to their good management and stellar performance or if they’ve just been lucky lately?

When betting on sports it’s extremely important not to place your bets all over the field, but instead choose one or more sports and learn all the ins and outs of the game. Which football team has a new manager which will take time to pick things up? Which boxer has had a falling out with his coach and is expected to have a subpar performance? Which tennis player is suffering from a minor injury? Knowing all of the variables and factors in your sport of choice can be the difference between a winning ticket and a losing one, so educate yourself before you risk real money.

Pick fewer selections to maximize your chances

Sports betting adoption rates are increasing all over the world, including the US, so the newcomers to the industry need all the advice they can get. This tip seems extremely intuitive and common sense, but you’ll see people making this mistake all the time. The fewer matches and selections you have to guess in your ticket, the stronger your chances of winning will be.

You’re much more likely to win if you intensely analyze and pick a few selections with decent odds and an average possibility of success from 2 matches in your sport of choice, than if you were to pick 8 selections with low odds and high winning probability. With each selection that you add to your ticket, you’re exponentially decreasing your chances of a successful bet.

You could try to make small amounts of money by betting that you’ll guess the results of 10 different matchups, but the odds of that happening are astronomically low even if you’re an expert in the sport.

Bookmakers record most of their losses from bets on single events by high-rollers. And even if you’re not a high-roller, betting £50 on a single 4/6 shot will earn you more money than betting £5 on 5 different bouts.

Never bet with your emotions

With betting and gambling, in general, being one of the most closely explored spheres of human entertainment activity, this seems like another no-brainer, but a lot of people seem to have trouble not breaking this rule. Regardless of how much you want your team to win, if you’re playing the game to actually try and win some money, it’s never a good idea to bet with your heart.

And on a final note, be careful with major events and championship bouts. The unpredictability of the outcome is much higher when it comes to matches with everything to lose and everything to gain. The athletes often go an extra mile and then some to clinch the desired result in high-stakes matchups.