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Trusted Crypto Bookmakers

29 October 2021

Trusted Crypto Bookmakers

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling and can be done with bookmakers that offer cryptocurrency as a payment method. Sports betting offers many benefits such as being able to bet on your favourite sports team or players, which provides excitement for fans while also providing them with an opportunity to cash in on their predictions. 


Sports betting has grown in popularity over the last few years largely due to the increased use of smartphones and tablets, meaning that people are more likely than ever before to place bets while they watch sporting events live at home or via streaming services like ESPN+. Sports betting is still not legal everywhere so it’s important for potential players to research whether their country allows it before placing any bets.

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Many people enjoy betting on sport with cryptocurrency, and thanks to the numerous bookmakers that accept cryptocurrencies, it is easy to do so. Betting with crypto bookmakers provides players with a variety of benefits including lower fees and faster transactions. The betting sites mentioned above all allow betting in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but there are many more betting websites that accept crypto. Some betting companies will also offer special betting bonuses when betting with cryptocurrencies so it’s worth checking whether any potential bookmaker has a bonus to offer you before deciding which betting website to register for.

The following list contains some trusted crypto bookmakers that are currently available online. Some of these betting sites also offer bonuses for betting on certain sports, so it is worth considering whether any potential bookmakers have special offers that might benefit you.

Betcoin  – betting service that has been operating since 2014, covering more than 30 different types of sports worldwide. The betting website offers very competitive odds which means players can be confident about placing bets to win big prizes. Betcoin also offers casino games and poker betting.

Bitcasino  – They claimed to be the first license crypto casino online. Bitcasino betting website that covers a range of sports as well as casinos games including Roulette, Black Jack Poker, and other classic casino games. The betting site has over 600 different betting markets covering a wide range of events from politics to reality TV shows.

Bitsler    – Established in 2015, Bistler betting website offers over 500 betting markets with a large variety of betting options including betting on sports, horse racing, live betting, and casino games. The betting site offers a VIP loyalty program as well as daily deals to help you make the most of your betting opportunities.

Sportsbet  – betting website that has been operating since 2010 and provides betting in over 190 countries worldwide. The betting website offers bonuses to help players get started betting and also offers betting in over 18 different cryptocurrencies.

Cloudbet  – betting website that has been operating since 2013 and covers a wide range of betting markets from sports betting to live betting on events such as poker games. The betting website includes a VIP program for their regular players which rewards them with cashback bonuses.

Bitcoin-rush  – a betting website that offers betting in over 190 countries worldwide. The betting website is committed to providing the best betting odds and provides more than 1,000 betting markets on a wide range of events from sports to horse racing.

Nitrogen Sports  – betting service that has been operating since 2011 and covers over 30 different types of sports betting. The betting website lets you bet on the outcome of eSports and other types of betting such as betting on politics or reality TV shows.

Those are some bookmakers which accept crypto as payment methods. You will need to check them one by one to find which platform will fit you best. some suggestions you can find in “smartbettingguide” to ease the process of choosing the best crypto bookmakers. 

Crypto betting is becoming increasingly popular and the huge range of betting opportunities available means players have many betting options to choose from. It is advisable to check out betting websites such as these before deciding which betting website to register for, as the betting websites mentioned here may have special offers available which can potentially increase your chances of winning big prizes.