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Victorious Finishers In The Belmont Stakes 2019

13 June 2019

Victorious Finishers In The Belmont Stakes 2019

This year, the final leg of the Triple Crown to place at Belmont Park in New York, on June 8, 2019. Thousands of people gather up to witness this great event yearly as their favourite contenders race to the finish aiming to cross the line first.

The Belmont Stakes is recognized as the oldest and longest among all three races of the Triple Crown along with the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. The track first held the race in the year 1867, and this year, in 2019, it is celebrating its 151st year in the horse racing industry. The track, consisting of dirt and mud, is a distance 1 ½ miles long.

“Run for the Carnations” is what some people sometimes use to call the Belmont Stakes race because going back to the race’ history, hanging of flowers to the winning horse; carnations to be exact, is a tradition to the event.

Another title entailed to the horse racing event is the “Test of the Champions” wherein horse racing professionals commonly call it that for the reason that it is the final leg of the three other races in the Triple Crown.

Unforgettable Belmont Stakes Run

Through the years, the Test of the Champion moulded racehorses with various kinds of skills and speed. Thus, these horses became well-known and also become part of the hall of fame.  

  • A.P Indy – One of the famous horses who ran third among the fastest Belmont Stakes racehorse with a time of 2:26.13. In the year 1992, A.P Indy earned the title of becoming the American horse of the year. Furthermore, he seemed to have been born to perfection, sired by Seattle Slew, a winner of the Triple Crown. His mother, Weekend Surprise, sired by the great Secretariat, also a Triple Crown winner.
  • Easy Goer – Another well-known racehorse of today’s time. He started in the racing industry as an underdog and ended the 1989 Belmont Stakes as a winner and achieved the second fastest run in the history of the race with a time of 2:26.00 and just 13 milli-seconds distance with A.P Indy.  During his lap, he also beat by eight lengths, the Triple Crown contender.
  • Secretariat – Millions of people admire this thoroughbred racehorse, watching his race videos on the internet with countless views. Secretariat scooted in the history with a run exceeding the expectations of the people and ran exceptionally more than any thoroughbred racehorses ever ran.


Moreover, the horse Secretariat is also a Triple Crown champion of his time and is known today as the top and fastest among the Belmont Stakes. He ran that race with a time of 2:24.00, winning by 31 lengths against his rivals. This record is by far the most remarkable in the history at Belmont Park and remains to be beaten as of today. 

Consequently, today the Belmont Stakes persists in becoming one of the most popular events in the world. Thus, this year’s race which took place last June 8th produced winners that are now part of the race’s history.

This Year’s Top Three Finishers

Ranking the Belmont Stakes 2019 finishers, these are the results:

  • Sir WinstonWinning the 151st Test of the Champions run is nothing new to this racehorse. The racehorse also ends the Peter Pan Stakes race as second among the other contenders.


Mark Casse, Sir Winston’s trainer, is familiar with what he’s doing since he had a lot of horses who entered other famous races. The trainer is also a member in the hall of fame in Canada and received numerous sovereign awards for being an excellent trainer.  

Despite not being able to win any races, Sir Winston ended up first in the 2019 Belmont Stakes among the other rivals.

  • Tacitus– Almost is what this horse has gone striding with his rival, Sir Winston. Jose Ortiz, the jockey of Tacitus, skilfully guided the horse out the half-lane to prevent the jam. It was just seconds late, and the horse’s speed was not quite enough to overtake Sir Winston. While thinking of other strategies to speed up, the finish line arrived too quickly, and Tacitus ended up placing second in the race.
  • Joevia– Being top of the stretch, and controlling the race most of the way, Joevia still ended up third in the 2019 Belmont Stakes race. The racehorse disappeared at the end, losing its way to being on top and lost by two lengths distance to Tacitus and Sir Winston.


This year, the Belmont Stakes continues its legacy, moulding racehorses while enhancing their sets of skills aiming to become part of the hall of fame. Furthermore, the event not only gives excitement to jockeys and trainers but also gives privilege to individuals to bond with their families and spend leisurely time enjoying the horse racing event.

Therefore, risking your money and time on the Belmont Stakes race will never be wasted since it will give you so much happiness and enjoyment in return.