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When Will Horse Racing Return to Normal in the US?

21 October 2020

When Will Horse Racing Return to Normal in the US?

The uncertainty of current the global climate can still be felt at racetracks across the United States, with spectators yet to return in large numbers. Although the authorities slowly relaxed the ban on horse racing events since June, the industry is yet to benefit from the steps taken due to a variety of reasons. Lack of sports betting is at the top of the chart.

Bookmakers generate a major portion of the US horse racing revenue, and with the crowds yet to return to the stands, gambling revenue is suffering. Although quite a few online operators have willingly taken their place, the volume is yet to reach its peak. Fans and live spectators account for a huge portion of wagers, and online bookies are yet to see a similar trend on their virtual platforms.

The Impact of zero on Horse Racing in the US

The US horse racing industry was among the first to be shut down in the face of the global situation. Iconic events like the Kentucky Derby and Preakness were either postponed or cancelled for the year. Although racetracks gradually reopened following safety precautions since September, the number of spectators currently allowed in the stands are too few to realistically sustain the sport.

It’s impossible to put a deadline on when things might get back to normal, but the situation is headed in the right direction for now. Spectators aren’t expected back into the stands anytime soon, although fans can now watch their favourite sport from the comfort of their living room. Sports wagering is a different issue altogether!

How Online Bookmakers are Slowly Changing the Game

Since the early days of the lockdown, online casinos have gained popularity and the trend is expected to continue well into the next year. Online bookmakers don’t just allow local spectators to wager on their favourite event, but also accepts bets from around the world. Thus, opening their doors to a much wider audience base with minimal effort.

If you’re yet to jump on the bandwagon, there are numerous reputed online sportsbooks that you should consider. Visit PAPunter for the list of the best bookmakers in PA. Modern bookmakers don’t just share live feed from events on their platform, but also update live stats, which help in making informed decisions.

Although this can never replace the feel of watching the game live from the venue, it’s the next best thing until Virtual Reality arrives in the near future. Quite a few states are considering the option of allowing spectators back into the gallery, but their numbers are few and far in between.

Most other states are against the idea as the public space is yet to return to normal. Getting the bookies and the industry back on its feet will take constant effort from all ends and is a while off. Experts expect the current situation to persist till mid-2021 or at least till a vaccine is discovered.